Series 9BD Dual Check Vacuum Breakers for Vending Machine Water Supply Lines prevent the reverse flow of contaminates, such as carbon dioxide gas and carbonated water, from entering the potable water supply. They have a stainless steel body construction, rubber parts, dual check valves, ball check valve, and an atmospheric vent. Series 9BD is designed for continuous pressure applications and complies with FDA food additive regulations. Maximum Working Pressure: 150psi (10.3 bar)


  • In-line design minimizes pressure drop across the valve
  • Instant check valve response prevents unnecessary vent discharge during pump's off cycle
  • Equipped with ball check valve that serves as a third check for added protection of water supply
  • Dual check valve assures positive, dependable seating protection

Dual Check Vacuum Breaker Backflow Preventers for Vending Machine Water Supp